Could You Be Affected By Three of the Latest SEC Investor Warnings?

SEC Alert


The Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States regularly releases new alerts to help consumers avoid fraud and illegal activity. The world of investing is full of scam artists looking to take advantage of eager investors with money to spend. Check the alerts regularly to stay current on all of the latest SEC warnings. If you don’t have the time to pick through the SEC website, read about the three newest updates below.

 Investment Opportunities Found On Social Networks

The Internet has been full of investment scams and incorrect information for years. However, the most aggressive schemes are now being peddled through social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Companies and individuals are sending information to users and trying to use the social aspects of the websites to build trust. Criminals can send out thousands of messages without tripping sensitive spam controls. There’s very little cost involved, and the networks provide the ideal tools for building a trustworthy website for marketing purposes. Investors are encouraged to avoid responding to unsolicited investment requests sent through these networks, even if you think the sender might be trustworthy. You should sign up for information before receiving it rather than follow a spam message. For more information download

 Pre-IPO Investment Offers

When a company first files for an IPO, they have the opportunity to sell shares to investors for the first time. Demand for shares in a company can be extremely high even before the corporation considers filing for an IPO. Criminals are seizing on this demand by circulating scams that claim to offer you a chance at buying shares in a company before it opens for public trading. This is illegal and will only leave you without your investment money. Many scams involve popular technology companies like Facebook and YouTube. For more information on Pre-IPO investment offers visit the SEC website at:

 Hurricane Sandy Investments

There are hundreds of false investment opportunities that are popping up after the damage done by Hurricane Sandy. Think about this the next time we have a devastating natural disaster. Some groups are trying to promote investments in fake clean-up companies while others are selling old-fashioned Ponzi schemes involving the sale of damaged properties. These criminals know that thousands of consumers will be receiving payments from their insurance companies. The SEC wants to encourage these investors to take their time and investigate each opportunity before sending even a dollar to a program that sounds too good to be true. The Internet makes it relatively easy to find the legal history behind any investment system. For investment scams related to Hurricane Sandy visit:

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