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For those who wish to buy gold as part of their retirement investment plan, establishing retirement accounts with checkbook control allows them to do just that. Unlike standard plans or ROTHs, checkbook retirement programs are those that allow for a number of alternative investments, with physical gold being one of them.

Go for the Gold

Gold is a highly sought after investment by many and with good reason. With an economic environment that is not always so certain, the price of gold has continued to increase over the past few years. This makes physical gold highly desirable as people like to own it as a hedge against a bad economy. However, for those who wish to own it in their IRAs, there is only one way to accomplish such a feat.

Owning Real Gold Within IRAs

Establishing checkbook IRAs allow you to buy real, physical gold. It is a common myth that you can buy gold in a standard or ROTH. It is true that you can buy a mutual fund that invests in precious metals or you can buy stock in a gold mining company, but as far as real and tangible gold goes, you can’t. The only way to purchase physical gold for your retirement is by using a checkbook retirement plan.

Increased Flexibility – Good as Gold

An Individual Retirement Account that provides checkbook writing privileges allows you to have a lot more flexibility in regards to what you can and can’t invest in. Some of the many investment options you will gain with checkbook IRAs are investment property, precious metals, and other tangible assets. This means you may invest in what you know, and if you know gold, then this type of arrangement is the only way you can use your retirement funds to buy it.

Checkbook Retirement Accounts and You

There are of course rules and regulations that have been set forth for checkbook retirement systems. However, if you are the type of person who likes to be in more control over your retirement funds, then this might be for you. Those who are unsure need to find and work with quality qualified plan services in order to determine the best course of action is for them.

But, if you have gold fever then you might want to strongly consider establishing a tangible purchasing arrangement. You can’t invest in real gold with any other type of retirement account so should gold be your passion, then you might want to make checkbook accounts your retirement investment account of choice.

Find out more about buying gold in checkbook IRAs.

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