“Jobs Report”: Stimulate Creativity, Through Necessity

Jobs report creates retirement concerns

Keeping an eye on the Jobs Report can help you determine what effects might be felt by your Individual Retirement  investment plan.

The US Jobs Report is “go-to” source in determining the outlook for American employment and can affect how you use you diversify your Individual Retirement Plan. After what seems to be an eternity of an absolute stalled national unemployment number of over 8%, the country has finally seen some improvement in recent Jobs Reports with 7.9% and 7.8% coming in this past September.

While these numbers are lackluster by any measure, they are a welcomed improvement. Some think however, these numbers have been altered for political reasons. This stems from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) who maybe using questionable methods to calculate the numbers and also a history of reporting rosy numbers, then changing them a few weeks later (after the elections) with little to no news coverage. Both political parties are guilty of fudging employment numbers during election season.

Whatever the case may be, even at a tick under 8% unemployment, Americans everywhere are still struggling. The reality of it all is an estimated 25% of the entire labor force is no longer in the work force. In other words, many people have simply given up looking for a job and hope is fading fast for so many Americans.

What Does This Mean for You?

The Jobs Report is just another in a long line of dismal economic indicators. Combined with such factors as fuel prices that are through the roof, an economy that is growing at an anemic 2%, and with no relief in sight. The bottom line is that the wise investor might need to get a bit creative and this is where a checkbook retirement program can come in handy.

Using this unique type of account, you can invest in a virtual smorgasbord of physical asset classes that simply can’t be obtained with a standard ROTH arrangement such as:

  • Physical Gold (not gold stock or certificates)
  • Physical Real Estate
  • Tax Liens

Using these alternative types of investments allows you to be more prudently diversified and can allow you to use specific knowledge you may have with regard to these investments for your retirement savings plan.

Keep an Eye Out – Do Your Own Research

No matter what the BLS comes out with, as far as unemployment numbers are concerned, you should still use your own eyes to ascertain the situation. Talk to people you know and see what they are saying. The BLS may be able to manipulate the numbers in their favor if that is their true desire, but they can’t hide the voice of the people. With your retirement savings at stake, it pays to keep your feet planted firmly in reality and use your investment strategy accordingly.

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