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As Part Of Our IRA Services We Can Help You Establish An Account With Checkbook Writing Privileges…

Do you feel like your custodian fees are higher than they need to be and are these fees eroding the returns on your investments? The IRA LLC Partner can potentially save you thousands of dollars in custodial fees over the lifetime of your account.

At the IRA LLC Partner, we can help you structure your IRA in special business structure so that you have absolute checkbook control over your retirement funds. This entity provides you with several unique benefits that are not provided by the IRA custodian alone.

  • You get the checkbook where you are the signer of the IRA funds.
  • You don’t need to go to the custodian or anyone else to write a check for the investment.
  • When you find that ideal investment, you can write the check immediately. It is that simple because your retirement is now truly self directed!
  • There is no longer a fee to pay the custodian any time your have a transaction with your account.

We will structure your self directed IRA and enable you to get total control over your retirement funds so that you can invest when and how you see fit.

Imagine the possibilities available to you if you had control over YOUR:

  • custodial fees,
  • direction of your investment funds and
  • control of the checkbook. The New Standard IRA is the way to get checkbook control over your retirement dollars.

A standard IRA does not provide you the wide range of flexibility needed to move on opportunities quickly. With a standard account, it requires you to get permission and have someone else sign off on the investments you want to make before you make them.

If you are ready to control of your retirement, then contact us right today and also receive a free ebook!

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