Investing in Real Estate

We specializes in structuring a business entity so that your retirement money can be invested in real estate without the interference of a Self Directed Custodian (see below). We put you into the driver’s seat and puts you on the road to a less risky, more prosperous retirement.

We  handles all the filing of paperwork, the movement of your funds and the paperwork required to create a compliant self directed account with checkbook control. You are given the ability to manage the property, collect the rent and pay the bills plus much much more.

401K to Real Estate Rollover ProcessNotes to real estate investors:

With Special Type of Arrangement, you:

  • Get absolute checkbook control of your investment dollars rather than if you were to stick with the run-of-the-mill IRA custodians.
  • Don’t have to get permission from the custodian every time you need to pay bills or purchase and item for your real estate investment.
  • Don’t have to hassle with all the typical aggravations and delays that occur everyday at the custodian.
  • Don’t have to wait and lose a time sensitive opportunity while waiting for your investment opportunity to get Custodian approval.
  • Save a lot of money in custodial fees, which means you keep more of your money working within your account.
  • Save a lot of money versus going with an expensive advisor, an attorney group who know nothing about self directed IRAs, or a facilitator who may charge as much as $4,000 to $5000.

One final note to those interested in investing in Tax Lien with their specialized account:

If you invest in tax liens or wish to invest in tax liens with your, then there is a good chance you will miss out on the best deals if you don’t move quickly. As you know, tax liens and tax deeds sold on the courthouse steps and you have to purchase them with cash on the day of the auction or you are out of luck. Therefore, it is highly advisable if you would like participate, then you need to have checkbook control of your IRA or you may miss out on potential investment opportunities. With a our package, you are given the authority and the benefit of writing checks from your Retirement Savings and can make investments without time delays. In addition to the benefits already mentioned the structure:

  • ensures you are able to make the best possible investments at the best prices because of eliminating delays in the investment process.
  • is subject to fewer and lower fees from the custodian and thus, there will be more money for to invest and more money left in your retirement, which is the whole goal of having an IRA in the first place.

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