IRA Custodian

Use Your Self Directed IRA and Buy Tangible Assets Inside Your Retirement Account

Our firm specializes in structuring a truly self directed IRA or IRA-owned LLC business entity that enables you to directly invest your retirement funds into alternative assets such as real estate, precious metals and tax liens without direct interference of the traditional custodian.

First You Need The Right Type of Self Directed IRA Custodian

Contrary to most people’s understanding, you still are required to have a recognized IRA custodian for your account, even when you are truly directed arrangement. Are looking for a self directed IRA custodian to hold your retirement funds and who understands alternative IRAs, check out Sunwest Trust, Inc.?

Our firm helps place you in the driver’s seat and on the road to a more diversified retirement portfolio if you so choose. Watch these videos to learn more about the role of a qualified retirement custodian. In these videos, you will learn about the role of a custodian and why now might be the perfect time to truly diversify your retirement assets outside of Wall Street casino and onto Main Street by either using a tax-deferred or tax-free vehicle such as the ROTH.

Self Directed IRA Services

Using your monies to buy alternative assets can potentially exponentially increase your retirement nest egg. How? Well, if you are already skilled at making smart investment decisions and can grow your retirement funds either in a tax deferred or tax-free vehicle such as the ROTH account arrangement, then you can compound your savings potential. Let’s look at some retirement statistics.

Are You Sure You Can Afford to Retire?

Most financial experts will tell you that you need between 60%-80% of your pre-retirement income just to maintain your current lifestyle in retirement. Amazingly, according to the Employee Benefits Research Institute, less than half of Americans haven’t even given thought to how much they’ll need to retire on. Add this to the reality that the biggest risk future retirees face is running out of money while they’re still living, and what you have is a national retirement debacle unfolding. What about Social Security, you may be thinking? If it’s even still around, it will only cover about 39% of your expenses. That’s according to the Social Security Administration.

Parse all of these facts and what it boils down to is that the money you need to retire on has to be from income and investment decisions you make now. And, this is why these alternative retirement vehicles are becoming more popular. As it’s going to be up to you to make the bulk of the money you need to live on in retirement anyway, should you be the one in charge of which investments will get you there? This type of account gives you this type of control. You decide how, when and where your retirement funds are invested. And, the number of financial vehicles you can invest in are almost limitless.

Your Retirement, Your Way

Investing your retirement funds in real estate or other allowed alternative assets maybe right for you. When you take control of your retirement funds, you are free to invest in real estate in the following ways:

Invest in Real Estate
Purchase Tax Liens
Purchase Commercial Property
Discounted Notes
Buy Raw Land for Development
Purchase Residential Investment Property
Among many more!

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