The Tangible Investments Your IRA Can Invest in When it is Self-Directed

tangible investmentsFor those who like to be in control of their IRA assets and like to have a larger pool of investment options, self-directed IRA services should be sough out. Having a self-directed IRA not only allows for more control, but it allows investors to invest in some tangible assets that they may have never thought could go into an IRA.

Self-Directed Means Self-Directed

Having a self-directed retirement account is exactly how it sounds; you are the one who directs the funds to specific the investment vehicles that you wish them to be invested in. This means investing in all sorts of things that standard and ROTHs just don’t allow. This includes:

  • Precious Metals: A self-directed IRA will allow you to own precious metals, such as physical gold. This is different from standard and ROTHs, which only allow owing mutual funds that, invest in gold or stocks of gold mining companies.
  • Real Estate: Self-directed IRA funds can also be invested in real estate if you wish. There are certain restrictions that apply, but for the most part, physical real estate is allowed, including commercial real estate. This differs from standard and ROTHs, which only allow you to invest in real estate investment trusts, or REITs.
  • Tax Liens: Only a self-directed IRA will allow you to buy tax lines as an investment vehicle. Standard and ROTHs do not allow this type of investment in any capacity.
  • Business Investments: Business investments such as partnerships, joint ventures, and even private stock are also allowed. Only those with a self-directed IRA have this kind of flexibility.

Go Tangible

Those who choose to invest using a self-directed IRA typically enjoy tangible assets. Of course, self-directed IRAs should be carefully looked at before deciding if they are right for you and a lot of your questions can be answered by finding quality self-directed IRA services to work with. If you too are someone who wants to go for the tangibles, then you might want to consider a self-direct IRA.

Find out more about what a self-directed IRA can mean for your retirement planning.

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